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An Overview Of Becoming A Pharmacy Technician

When you enter your local pharmacyís office chances are the person who greets you and enters in your prescription is a pharmacy technician. Pharmacy Technician duties involve helping the pharmacist with the routine task involved in filling prescriptions. Some level of training will have to be endured whether it is on the job pharmacy technician training, or a formal education. This education is needed to understand prescriptions, checking for accuracy and completeness, and selecting the right medicines to fill the prescriptions while adhering to all the correct formalities. To fulfil a pharmacy technicianís duties you must have enough knowledge to be able to check that the prescription makes sense before itís ever shown to the pharmacist for itís final inspection.

Some Typical Pharmacy Technician Duties Include

  • Dispensing Medicines
  • Receiving prescriptions
  • Checking the prescription for completeness
  • Retrieving the medication as determined by the prescription
  • Counting, weighing, measuring prescriptions
  • Preparing prescription labels
  • Selecting suitable containers and labeling
In some cases the pharmacy technician duties will also include those duties normally taken on by a pharmacy aid such as stocking prescriptions and over the counter drugs on the pharmacy shelves, handling patient accounts, answering phones and handling money.

Please note pharmacy technician duties are not to be taken lightly they donít merely fill capsule bottles. Technicians in some cases are even given the important task of mixing medications. In these cases if there are any doubts or questions they must refer to the lead pharmacist on duty. This also means they must know when and how to ask the right questions to insure quality.

Basically pharmacy technicians handle a variety of tasks within a pharmacy. Their duties donít only include the simple aspects of a pharmacy but they also deal with more complex procedures. They are continuously multi-tasking and dealing with consumers, all while meeting high quality standards and dispensing medicine accurately.

The work of pharmacy technicians involves a lot of responsibilities, but it is quite rewarding as well. Generally, this is a good career choice. In order to make your decision final, you should definitely learn more about the pharmacy technician jobs.

Your work will involve the provision of medications to the public. You will have to receive and handle prescriptions. You will measure the right amounts of prescription medicines, seal them in special containers and add labels. In some cases, pharmacy technicians help pharmacists prepare medications. You can expect to do administrative work as well, such as keeping records of prescriptions and preparing insurance forms.

The number of pharmacy technician jobs is quite large at present. In addition, it is expected to increase by anywhere between 25% and 31% in the following eight to ten years. This means that it will be quite easy for you to secure employment at present. Furthermore, you can expect to have even more employment opportunities in the future. This can give you greater flexibility. More importantly, this is highly likely to result in higher salaries in the sector.

Most employment opportunities are present are offered by retailers. In fact, 75% of all currently employed professionals work in retail settings, mostly traditional pharmacies. It is also possible for you to find a job in a pharmacy that is operating online. You will have similar responsibilities, but you will not deal with customers directly. You can readily find a position in a hospital as well, even though the employment opportunities in these facilities tend to be limited. On the other hand, the demand for professionals in patient care centers is beginning to increase, so you can readily find a job in such a facility.

Overall, you can be certain that you will not only find a vacancy, but enjoy the opportunity to choose from a large number of pharmacy technician jobs.