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What Are The Benefits of Getting your Pharmacy Technician Certification?

If you are interested in becoming a Pharmacy technician then getting your Pharmacy Technician Certification is a step in the right direction. As medical advancements and technology increase so does the need for certified professionals who are interested in staying current on the latest medical advancements in medicine. Getting your Pharmacy Technician Certification means that you have passed the test given by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB). Passing this test means that you have the obtained the basic knowledge needed to become a Pharmacy Technician professional.

As of right now certification is only a requirement in a few states, however as pharmacist are depending more and more on pharmacy techs for support, additional states are jumping on the bandwagon and requiring their techs to become certified. Some states that have yet to implement a certification requirement will only allow a limited number of uncertified techs to work directly under a pharmacist. Actually most some states will require one certified pharmacy technician for every two to three non certified techs. So as you can see If you are a tech who has passed the Pharmacy Technician Certification you are viewed as having specialized knowledge and training and designated as a professional in your field.

Besides regardless of state regulations, more and more employers are requiring certified technicians. Most job postings for this positions will require that you be certified or currently enrolled in a pharmacy technician school. Not to mention getting certified allows you to demand a higher pay than a tech that hasnít taken the time to earn this designation.

Lastly as unemployment rates increase and it gets harder and harder to find employment you have to realize there will probably be tons of applicants for vacant positions. You can bet your money that resumes that show you have obtained the pharmacy technician certification will be pushed to the top of the pile. Donít get discourage you do not have to be certified to get employed in this field however it definitely doesnít hurt and can only make your chances of employment that much better.

Certified Pharmacy Technician Requirements

So you want to become a certified pharmacy technician, well youíll be happy to know that the requirements to become certified are pretty straight forward and easily obtainable. The first requirement of a certified pharmacy technician is schooling. Donít worry the schooling that is required of a certified pharmacy technician is nowhere near that of a pharmacist. In fact to become certified you are only required to have your high school diploma, GED, or its foreign equivalency. That makes entry into the field with a profession designation easily obtainable for most people.

The next requirement for a certified pharmacy technician is a background check. Even with this the pharmacy technician certification board is a little lenient, however the board will not accept anyone with a felony within the last 5 years or any drug related convictions period. This requirement should be understandable because your day to day pharmacy technician duties will be to handle a multitude of prescribed drugs. Another aspect that of will be under close scrutiny during the background process is that you havenít been under restrictions for any State Board of Pharmacy at the time of application.

After meeting the above basic eligibility requirements the last and probably the most challenging step of becoming a certified pharmacy technician is passing the Pharmacy Technician Certification Test given by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board or (PTCB). This is a 90 question test that will judge your knowledge of assisting the pharmacist in servicing patients, maintaining and inventory control systems and participation in administration and management of the pharmacy practice.

Passing this test and meeting all of the eligibility requirements above will ensure you the designation as a Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT).