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Pharmacy Technician Employment Outlook

Good news if you are considering a position in the health field as a Pharmacy Technician. As many of us may have experienced a direct or indirect hit because of our decreasing economy, and most companies have been laying off a high number of employees. The outlook for Pharmacy Technician employment is increasing and will continue to increase for years to come. This is due largely in part to increased prescriptions, scientific advancements in medicine, public awareness of available prescriptions, and using pharmacy technicians to take over additional responsibilities of the pharmacy.

One of the main reasons for pharmacy technician employment increases is because of the increased amount of prescriptions needed to handle the growing middle age and elderly community. As medical advancements have grown people are living longer. This life expectancy change has created an increase in the amount of people in the middle age and elderly bracket. As this part of our population grows so does the need for medication to handle issues that occur as we age.

Scientific advancements in medicine are another reason for the continued Pharmacy Technician employment growth. Almost daily scientists are finding treatments to diseases and ailments they may have been once deemed incurable. As these advancements occur so do the number of prescriptions that need to be filled, which of course would require more pharmacy technicians to fill them.

Something that may surprise you that has caused an increase in Pharmacy Technician employment is television commercials. As of late prescriptions drug commercials have become common place which has made the public at large aware of medications they may not have known existed. I have to admit, I personally have seen a few commercials and had to think to myself ďWow, they have a medication for that?Ē People who have suffered from these previously unknown conditions are now going to their doctor and asking for these prescriptions by name. This increase of public awareness has increased the need for pharmacy technicians.

Another recent trend is the creations of patient care centers at locations such as Walgreens and tons of other location across the country. This has created a new role for pharmacy tech as they now take over some of the more routine procedures normally handled by pharmacist. They are also stepping into to some of the responsibilities of pharmacy aides, handling tasks such as answering phones and stocking shelves.

If you are considering pharmacy technician employment you have made the right choice. This field will continue to grow for years to come and requires very little training to enter such a rewarding career.

5 Tips to Landing a Pharmacy Technician Job

After getting your pharmacy technician certification, you will surely want to start working in this field as soon as possible. Here are five tips to achieve that in the shortest amount of time possible.

First you have to do is a resume. Everyone knows that a well made resume helps when you want to find a job, even if you arenít the most suitable candidate. Your resume should contain every little detail about your skills and abilities, but donít forget about the ones that seem out of place, such as foreign languages or mechanic knowledge.
Each employer needs an employee that can do as much activities, in as many fields, as possible.

After that, start posting your resume on pharmacy technician job sites or send to your nearest pharmacy or pharmaceutical company. Donít wait for employers to find you, look for them yourself. If you see that your sent resumes have no response, start calling the nearest employers that are looking for someone like you. Talking to them directly will increase your chances of getting the job. Ask for a complete address and go to them yourself with a printed resume. For a pharmacy technician job donít forget about your friends and acquaintances, especially those that have something in common with the pharmaceutical world. You never know where you find a very good job.

Last, but certainly not least, think about the public hospitals in your area. These usually have pharmacies that need professional personnel, and even though the pay is not as good, it is a very promising starting point for your career as pharmacy technician.

Where to Find the Best Pharmacy Technician Jobs?

Being the most well evolved country in the world, the United States is the perfect place for the best pharmacy technician jobs, at least from a financial point of view. United States also provides with the best training and qualification system in the world, because, as we all know, the market for drugs and ailments in the United States is one of the largest in the world, if not the largest.

Other places for good pharmacy technician jobs are the western European countries. Countries such as Germany, England, France, Spain and Italy provide with a very good market for such jobs because of the very well developed pharmacy and health system. As long as people will need drugs, there will be jobs in this field for everyone that wishes to pursue this career.

As to the places you should avoid as a pharmacy technician we can state the less developed countries in Europe and Africa, although some surprises may be found here as well. Strictly speaking, United States pharmacy technician jobs may be the best, but only as an average. Those that are new in this field will find it difficult to find a job that pays enough money or that is close enough. In this respect, we can say that it is up to you to find the best pharmacy jobs, depending on the region you are located in. This should also help you decide if you want to become a pharmacy technician.